About Us
Economical Medical

Economical Medical is a full-service reseller and sourcing company for all your medical supply and equipment needs. What sets us apart is our relationships with medical facilities and medical manufacturers that allows us to offer new and previously sourced medial supplies and medical equipment at a much lower pricing than our competitors.

Our effectiveness doesn’t stop at sourcing. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. We ensure that all products meet the regulatory and compliance requirements that ensure our products will exceed your expectations.


Rockstar Team

Our on staff and 3rd party equipment certification team evaluates our equipment and can provide you with evaluations on the equipment status. We also offer on-site repairs and servicing on some equipment.

Get A Quote

If you have medical equipment or medical supplies that are in an over stock situation or no longer needed, we can quote you and pick up these items rapidly. We provide a no hassle way to be compensated rapidly and have the items removed by our team.


Economical Medical’s staff makes it easy to source medical supplies or medical equipment for lower pricing than any of our competitors. Why not call us today for a bulk quote?

Save Money

We think you will appreciate saving money for your facility or organization. Why not give us a try today?